Crossing the RedSea- Promise Land 💜

I know it’s the end of the year 2020, & I choose this very day to write a blog after long. Thanksgiving offering to my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ for all things he has done for me & worked miracles in this 2020, which is right from my job, our house, our health, God healed God provided God blessed our family abundantly – my testimony.

It has been a year of God’s Glory, I know many hearts are turned to our Lord in this pandemic, All Glory 🙌 to The Lord Who declares the End from the Beginning.

The Great IAM our Christ is able to save not any human invention.

I urge you celebrate christday everyday not on 25th Dec alone like hypocrites who remember God on occasions & dates fixed by man, & think thier good deeds are going to save them & who refuse to repent, God’s word The Holy Bible no where says its his birthday, Each Day you move in God’s presence call on his name Everyday Praise him Worship him in spirit & ask The Holy Spirit to fill you & give you dicernment & his wisdom, give him thanksgiving offering for his breath, mercy & great sacrifice. God hears us 💜 his eyes are on the righteous.

May the Fear of God grow in all who call upon his name – Proverbs 9:10 
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

All who are delivered I say do not look back to Egypt but walk straight to your Promise Land for God is Good, He delivered me from the dark pit and the mouth of the devil who roars like a lion waiting whom to prey.

Crossing the Waters of Impossibility

When you stand in front of the Red Sea and you know that your promised land lies on the other side of these big waters, you have a decision to make. Are you going to put your trust in God, and actually cross the impossible to experience his promises coming to pass in your life, or are you going to allow the impossibility of these big waters staring you in the face, to discourage and dissuade you from pushing through?

God’s child, listen his promises in your life are yes and amen. There is no need for you to question the promises he has given. They stand surely and securely. However, your path to enter into those promises will lead you along the shores of many impossibilities. What seems impossible to you, is a breeding ground for your faith to be built up, and it is an opportunity for God to miraculously make a way where there is none in the natural.

So, don’t turn away when the impossible stares you in the face. Rather, turn your heart to Jesus afresh, and allow the promises I he has given you to burn more strongly, and more brightly in your heart. Let the fire burn so strongly in you that you will do whatever it takes to enter into the promised land God made for you, says the Lord.

Today, fix your eyes on God’s promises afresh and don’t be afraid to walk toward them. Be aware that the enemy is out on the prowl also, and he is quite interested in tripping you up. He will be sure to plant distractions in your path, and he will be sure to birth discouragement at every turn you take.

However, arm yourself with faith, and cling to God’s hand more strongly than you cling to anything else. Then, you will have what it takes to thwart his attack on your soul and on your circumstances, and you will have the boldness that is required to cross the impossible waters in front of you, says the Lord.

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