“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart:wait, I say, on the LORD” (Ps. 27:14)

Waiting on the Lord means looking unto Him. It means seeking the Lord with anticipation that He will reward you. It means having faith in God and hearing from his Holy Spirit.

To wait on God means to be attentive to Him—to seek Him continually and always listen to His voice. Just as a waiter gives better service if he only has one customer, we wait on the Lord better if He’s our only focus. We can’t serve two masters (Matt. 6:24). Our hearts must be focused on God alone.

If a waiter gives his undivided attention to his customer, he receives a reward. The better the job, the better the tip. If we wait on the Lord, He’ll encourage us and strengthen our hearts. What a reward!

Are you in need of more courage? Could your heart stand to be strengthened?

The way to obtain these things is to wait on the Lord.

The more you wait, the more you’re encouraged and strengthened. Wait, I say, on the Lord!

An extract from the book The Year of Devotions.

All Anxiety will leave you, When you start speaking to the situation and rebuking it out loud not inside you but “”Out Loud””, Always ask for the Holy Spirit to Guide you in Prayers and Discernment in every situation is all I would say this 2nd day of 2020.

Have Faith that what ever you ask- it’s already done and Faith comes when you hear and put in action.

James 2:17
In way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

One more thing – Don’t forget to read the book below:-

Book — “Good Morning, Holy Spirit” by – Benny Hinn

It has revealed me what was unknown about Holy Spirit and How beautiful it is to have a fellowship with the Holy Spirit!! I’m not alone I feel after reading this book, All Glory to God.

Happy New Year to All 2020💜

Walk by Spirit not by Sight ✨

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