I Am Who I Am 🎒

‘I WILL BE YOUR GOD’ Hebrews 8:10 …and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. When God says, “I will be your God,” that is a declaration that He will work miracles in your life. So if it is a miracle you need, it is a miracle you will get! If […]

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Stories always welcome!

What’s​ the size of God? A boy asked his father: _What’s the size of God?_ Then the father looked up to the sky and seeing an airplane asked the son: What’s the size of that airplane? The boy answered: It’s very small. I can barely see it. So the father took him to the airport […]

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Jesus Lives and So Shall I🎉

MEDITATIONS during LENT- *NASTY* One of the most painful happenings during the season of Lent is the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot. ✓ He had walked with Jesus closely for over 3 years ✓ He had listened to the very best sermons ✓ He had seen the power of God personally *YET* He betrayed […]

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*Spiritual Bloodline* When you are born again, you don’t come from an ordinary stock. You come from the best of best! It doesn’t matter what we look like on outside, what color you are, how tall-short, attractive-unattractive. Doesn’t matter how many weaknesses we have, you may have made some mistakes, you may struggle with an […]

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Ask For Rain📯

Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain. Zechariah 10:1, NKLV We all face disappointments and setbacks. Life is full of things that try to push us down. Maybe you got bad news concerning your health. A relationship didn’t work out. Maybe you lost your job. It was a setback. When […]

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Ponder This😇

Today’s meditation is one that challenges my self-interest & envy. Think about this- satan uses our envy to accomplish his purposes. When Jesus was being tried by Pilate the Bible says- _For Pilate realized by now that the leading priests had arrested Jesus out of *ENVY*._ Mark 15:10 Ponder this- The priests (men set apart/ […]

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